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Leura Guidebook

Leura Guidebook

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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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Leura is renowned for its shops – you can spend an entire day browsing and buying. Many shops have multiple rooms as they have been converted from turn-of-the century cottages. There is a delightful gift shop in an old church and it is even possible to shop immediately as a number of shops are located around the periphery of the carpark – there are so many choices – check out the village map.

Megalong Books

Address: 183 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1302

Megalong Books is an ‘institution,’ a long-time mainstay on Leura Mall and we love independent bookstores– staff are knowledgeable readers and capable in making suggestions for fact or fiction reading for yourself or as a gift. Service is personal and prompt and if you adore books, well having 15,000 titles in stock is an impressive reason to hang around and browse.

We are drawn to Megalong Books for several reasons: walls and walls of books line shelves from floor to ceiling, while DVDs of favourite flicks and great classical music CDs give lots of options. Each shelf holds some new surprise. Megalong is the book version of comfort food for bibliophiles - calm and reassuring.

Tucked away in this quirky and cosy shop are some must-reads in fiction or non-fiction, geography, history, travel and specialty books about the Blue Mountains if you’re seeking a memento of your visit. If you’re planning a bushwalk around Leura or anywhere in the mountains, don’t overlook Megalong’s outstanding selection of titles on Blue Mountains walks. This is one remarkable bookstore! Grandparents: the selection of children’s book (in the back room) is quite extraordinary. You’ll find the perfect book for that little one expecting a gift back home.

Megalong BooksYou are Here

Gifts ‘n’ Things

Address: 134a The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3832

Of the numerous shops along the Mall, Gifts ‘n’ Things has maintained its Edwardian-look. From its front verandah through the multiple rooms (with open fire) this is the ultimate gift shop. You’ll need browsing time, as each room has its surprises – collectibles and country homewares line the shelves of this turn-of-the-century building and will charm their way into your heart and home.

Great trendy fashion is Gifts’ trademark – strappy colourful sundresses in summer and beautiful warm wraps in winter. Don’t overlook the selection of winter accessories – scarves and gloves. If vintage is your fashion, you’ll find period-style jewellery in display cases.

Over the years, we’ve observed that owner Jo Davidson is always charming and treats every customer as a special guest, rare in today’s hustle and bustle. Gifts ‘n’ Things is an appointed stocklist of Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries and fragrances. ‘The little shop with the inviting verandah on Leura Mall’ is open seven days.

Teddy Sinclair

Address: 177-179 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3154

Occasionally, a proprietor makes her/his way to the top of ‘exceptional’ – becoming a leader by sourcing particular brands, originality in display (of stock) or by providing unusual and special service from their staff. Teddy Sinclair steps into this category. Two shops under one umbrella, each with a separate shopfront is unusual for Leura, but Lindy and Paul Du Moulin seem to manage this unique arrangement with ease.

The ‘man cave’ will give guys that edgy look – leather jackets, wool or cashmere coats, belts (unisex) wooden watches (Wewood) – timber, except for the mechanisms. Their briefcases and man bags are the exceptional accessory. The most unique, we think are the animal-head skulls which men are using as decorative artefacts. Now this is edgy!

Women shoppers eye (and buy) stylish but ingenious Triwa watches (Swedish) constructed of stainless steel and leather. Adorning the walls are colourful handbags – our favourite is of stainless steel and leather by New York designer, Wendy Stevens. Perhaps stainless steel is in vogue?

Showcases display exceptional jewellery. A limited-edition collection by Israeli artist, Ayalabar catches our eye.

Once you’ve completed your shopping spree, browse the unusual ‘not for sale’ artefacts and curiosity items that artist Paul has selected… “I’m in a New York state of mind”…


Leura Antiques

Address: Shop 132 Megalong Street (The Strand Arcade)
Phone: 0400 507 157
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A lovely shop filled to the brim with modern and vintage items you’ll want to browse. From delicate English china to Art Deco tea or coffee sets, jewellery or clothing, Leura Antiques is a treasure trove. From the moment you enter, voices of the past (and present) whisper, “slow down. No need to rush”.

Lamps – modern and from the Edwardian era – sit without conflict on gorgeous dining tables and highly polished sideboards. Shelves are bursting with candy dishes, pottery plates and crystal candelabra. So much exceptional glassware – we can’t take it all in.

Up for a bit of whimsy? Look for the brass chook, if it hasn’t flown the coop. Or if you are ever the sophisticate, the shop’s Art Deco collections will catch your eye – we found two beautiful dancer figurines alongside a display case of gorgeous Edwardian necklaces.

And pop culture lovers will delight in the movie memorabilia – great posters. It’s all here in one shop – you just need time, a long afternoon among the antiques – and the modern – of Leura Antiques.

MonolithWicker Chairs

The Shirt Lady

Address: Shop 2 & 3, 166 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1389
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An eruption of pastels, a burst of reds, blues and greens rush forth as we enter this sizeable shop down the Aspects of Leura Arcade. Shirts of every hue, sweaters, coats, jackets and scarves – fine knitwear for men and women fill this shop from top to bottom. We all know that fashion is mercurial and likely to change without warning. But here the style is classic and casual – this fashion enduring – never loosing its stylishness.

We discover the season’s temperatures may change, but The Shirt Lady doesn’t let winter’s black overtake our lives. Alpaca, possum, merino, lamb’s wool, angora and flawless, delicious cashmere – all arrive in many colours. Of course, the greys, charcoals, blacks and browns that will always occupy a sizeable portion of our wardrobe can be found here as well.

For those new to Leura, the Shirt Lady has built a sterling reputation around her shirts – long sleeved, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve. If you can’t find your shirt here, in all probability you won’t find it anywhere. The Shirt Lady’s ‘know-how’ in shirts is a ‘well-known’ secret among the locals.


Leura Vintage

Address: Shop 9, Strand Arcade, 178 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3333

In its new digs, Leura Vintage is easily reached – just steps from where you left your car in the carpark. Don’t let The Strand Arcade address trip you up. From within The Strand, walk past The Lolly Shop and up to the carpark level.

Amidst a group of small shops, Leura Vintage is light, cheery and filled with cherished true-vintage items and many of vintage-style also. Think ’50’s colours and pizzazz – a touch of mink, a flounce of tulle, or a drape of satin. “Chantilly Lace and a pretty face, and a pony tail hanging down…” Time stands still! Hats of a ’40’s vintage for men and women are so fashionable – we search the shelves for dainty white gloves to replicate ‘that look’.

Take in the full shop and you’ll find retro men’s clothing you won’t see elsewhere. For our ’60’s-vintage rock ’n rollers’, original garage shirts straight from the U.S. are in stock. We could not believe our eyes! Charming collectibles fill the shelves - we could browse here for hours!

Circus Boutique

Address: 172 Leura Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1213
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A riot of colour along with a fusion of textiles, metals, furs and leathers come together in a shop so aptly named – Circus! A long-standing shop on The Mall, women, of all ages and sizes has selected garments from these hangers and shelves for decades, to create a personal fashion statement. You’ll find casual or dressy gear here, but always classy! And now, the staff is trained in personal colour matching to help you perfect ‘your style’.

This year, Circus has fine looking imports by French, Italian and Spanish designers along with recognised Australian designers. We fell for an Italian line of autumn apparel – stunning appliqué, unusual buttons – all exquisite handwork and oh, such soft fabric. Coats and svelte trousers; feminine, lusciously romantic shirts and skirts – what’s not to like?

Boots and shoes – heels or flats – Circus’ durable and stylish selections are well-made, from fine leather. They should walk us through a number of years though we are hard on shoes. With three rooms for browsing – sleepwear, jackets and sportswear – this remarkable collection changes with each season and keeps us returning and yes, shopping, year-round.


lucky finds

With Max & Me

Address: 142 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1664
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This is Leura’s Australian made shop, with many products handmade by local artisans. 95% of the products are Australian-made. Beautiful hand-knit cardigans, soaps and skin care products and even oven mitts, olive oils and slate cheese plates. There are also great choices in baby and children’s wear. The shop has kept its village look – Edwardian style – with a front veranda and a delightful window display.

Bespoke & Found

Address: 147 Leura Mall
Phone: 0424 637 253
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Climb the steps to this appealing shop where the theme is eclectic, local and recycled. Custom-made, hand-made and Australian-made – you will find items that are quite special. We love shopping where the merchandise is displayed with originality and creativity. No clutter, just good design. Bespoke’s wares make shopping an effortless joy.

Haus, The Art of Fine Living

Address: Shop 6, 152–160 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 2628
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We are a tad jaded when shopping is the topic, but Robyn Sewell’s Haus knocks off our socks and leaves us a bit speechless. Exceptional large home items (such as lounge, chairs and coffee tables) and striking carpets first grabbed our attention. Then we caught sight of the jewellery and luscious Jenny Key scarves; sleepwear and gumboots and art by Jane Canfield. The list goes on and on and on…

Leura Toy Shop

Address: 167 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 2094

Under a ‘starry, starry sky’ is a petite shop so filled with toys that visiting children are left speechless - for a moment only, then shrieks of excitement explode throughout. There are toys from floor to ceiling - some hanging from the stars above keep the imagination afloat! This is a wonderland and a fairyland of trucks and china tea sets, dolls and prams and enormous toy cars. Childhood dreams come true in the Toy Shop – the Blue Mountains’ only toy source!

Little Wing

Address: Shop 1, 201 Leura Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1104

Near the corner of Leura Mall and Megalong Street (at the pedestrian crosswalk) Little Wing clothing is the ‘new kid on the block’ at Leura Mall. Owner Michelle Ryan knows fashion and stocks clothes at reasonable prices for women of all sizes. You’ll find chic choices for real women’s bodies. You can accessorise effortlessly here, too, with jewellery, handbags and scarves, or be tempted by the contemporary Tightology leggings and tights.

Birches of Leura

Address: 2/156 Megalong Street
Phone: 02 4784 3146

Our first impression of Birches: we’ve walked into a sea of nature’s greenery and a riot of landscaped colour with handsome gurgling waterworks strategically spaced throughout. The nursery gives the appearance of a ready-made garden with its herbs, cottage plants, seedlings and trees – including a Japanese maple in the centre. Inside the gift shop in every season, you’ll find clever ornaments and decorative garlands – all with a garden theme!

Leura’s Magical Manderley

Address: 157 Megalong Street
Phone: 02 4784 3252

Tucked away from the street, Magical Manderley self-contained accommodation – Treetops and The Terrace have that Leura touch we’ve come to anticipate. Treetops apartment has a certain luxury and opulence, while The Terrace has an open floor plan – somewhat more casual. With Italian-style statuary and a trickling water feature, the garden of maples, pines and fern trees reminds us of a Tuscan hillside – perfect for a pre-dinner drink.

Gallery Lane

Address: 87 Railway Parade
Phone: 0417 824 618
Hours: Open Fri–Sun 10.00am–4.00pm, and all public holidays

From the Leura carpark and through a picturesque garden, Gallery Lane – a hidden treasure – is tucked away in an early Leura cottage. Small but beautiful, this is your ideal Blue Mountains gallery. The styles of exhibiting artists, Loraine Droga and Sherrie Ehrlich are distinctive – watercolour landscapes, whimsical graphite drawings, mixed media and collage. The artwork here suits all tastes and budgets. You can also reach the gallery from Railway Parade – down a small lane and set back from the street.

Gallery Walls